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Arun M Kumar is co-editor of “Kerala’s Economy: Crouching Tiger, Sacred Cows.” This book is based on one of two conferences he helped convene in Trivandrum, in 2005 and 2007, along with Stanford University, on Kerala in the Global Economy. He is the author of a book of poetry, “Plain Truths”.

Kerala has the opportunity to build on its favourable socioeconomic base to become an economic powerhouse that benefits its citizens. But to achieve such a vision, certain fundamentals need to be addressed, revitalized and reoriented 2014 education and infrastructure are prime among them. This book addresses the above-mentioned aspects that invite serious attention to accelerate the stateu 2019s economic Development. This book also identifies policy priorities including stream lining land acquisition for transport infrastructure, creating a u2018 single window u2019 for promoters as in the case of industrial enterprises, clear procedures at the state level for contract negotiation, risk allocation and dispute resolution.


Arun Kumar’s poems are wry, spare, affecting. He finds meaning in those elusive moments that pass the rest of us by, and weaves original patterns out of the fleeting thoughts and emotions that emerge from the mundanities of daily life. Arun’s Plain Truths are found in social settings, the departure of a son for college, the cooking of a favourite hostess, but also in the ideas of a scientist, the theorems of a mathematician and the life work of a poet. A rich and rewarding collection indeed.


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