Mantram Beach

Mantram Beach authore by Arun M. Kumar

In this book, Arun Kumar offers a seer’s moving testament of hope in a time of precarious relationships, political upheaval, and Environmental degradation. In the title poem, ‘mainstream beach’, the rhythm of the ocean salves the suffering mind; in ‘the family’, like refugees from the storm, we enter a serene Sanctuary; in ‘shwedagon Pagoda’, a timeless tranquillity permeates every aspect of the place that is being portrayed; in ‘Remembering’, the time lines and tumultuous of our world give way to a simpler time, a simple peace; in ‘gudalur, Nilgiris’, as the sun rises, the Dew dries out, and the bougainvilleas light up in lilac and red. Elegant, luminous, stark, mantram beach is a superb collection of poems by a poet at the peak of his powers.


‘I’ve long felt a kinship between coding and poetry. The elegance and economy essential to both are the hallmarks of Arun’s poetry. And he reminds us that the eyes and ears of a poet can enrich business and government leadership.’

‘The poetry of Arun Kumar is deceptive in its simplicity. He isn’t one for the grand flourish or the overwrought emotion: his spare, illusive lines convey wry, sometimes playful, often sharp observations of people and places. But overriding it all is a warmth and affection for nature, and even for humanity in spite of all its pretensions and its foibles. Mantram Beach is a wonderful collection of poems by a poet at the peak of his powers.’
—ANIL DHARKER, Writer, Columnist, and Founder and Director, Tata Literature Live!

‘The nuanced translation of “kavi” is a wise person who is more than a poet, an individual with insight. Arun Kumar sees what others don’t. Mantram Beach is sometimes a dark and disturbing read, and I mean this as a compliment.
Arun Kumar has a way with words, and he uses this felicity to paint on a very broad canvas. This is not his first book of poetry, nor will it be the last.
—BIBEK DEBROY, Writer, Chairman, Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister of India


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