Want my book to reach people who don’t read poems: Arun Kumar on ”Mantram Beach”


New Delhi, Dec 11 (PTI) Business executive-turned-poet Arun Kumar wants to reach out to people who do not normally read poems through his new book “Mantram Beach”, which offers expressions of hope to readers going through challenging times.

The book, published a decade later after his first book of poems “Plain Truths”, explores observations of the unusual in the usual, he said.

“Both the books cover people and places, evoking stories, making connections across geographies and time,” Kumar, also a photography enthusiast, said.

Making a connection between poetry and photography, he said, “I am constantly on the look-out for that special moment or composition that is worth capturing. Similarly, poetry is the verbal equivalent of a camera, a tool to capture a moment or emotion or incongruity that can evoke deeper meaning, greater curiosity or lasting memorability.”

The poems in the book have been written over a period of 10 years, Kumar, Chairman and CEO of KPMG India, said, adding that most of his work is inspired by observations and travels to new places.

“Each poem takes shape in my mind when a particular observation strikes me. I attempt an initial capture of the observation or insight and then refine the words that result in a final poem. A poem may be finally completed only a long time after that initial snapshot,” he told PTI.

“The target readership for my work are people who do not normally reach out to read poems. I feel gratified if I can find resonance for my work and for poetry from those who do not habitually turn to poetry. I also greatly value the readership I get from people who do read poetry and from poets. Their feedback is important to me to improve my work,” he added.

According to publisher Aleph Book Company, “the book offers a seer’s moving testament of hope in a time of precarious relationships, political upheaval, and environmental degradation.”

Kumar is next working on a book about global trade and business.


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